You are well aware that Epic Games attacked Apple a few months ago for abuse of dominant position in the App Store. This week Apple’s lawsuit began in Oakland, California.

Epic Games notably criticizes Apple for the 30% commission imposed on all transactions made through the App Store payment system. However, Epic Games does not seem to want to go after Microsoft and Sony who also take a 30% commission on each transaction.

Why doesn’t Epic Games blame Micorosft and Sony the same?

The explanation is however quite simple. On many occasions, Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games has given reason. Once again, Sweeney explained during this lawsuit that Microsoft and Sony do not receive money on sales of consoles, unlike Apple which makes a huge margin with its iPhones.

In addition, Tim Sweeney believes that these sales almost at a loss make it possible to provide developers with a huge and very lucrative market. By also specifying that video games are widely promoted on Xbox and PlayStation, since Microsoft and Sony receive most of their income through purchases.

Microsoft, which also offers a lower commission on Windows within the Microsft Store since the Windows market is much larger than that of Xbox. Indeed, Windows is aimed at a larger audience and therefore has a multitude of other sources of income, unlike Xbox which only concerns gaming.

Apple, which by following Microsoft’s logic could also offer a lower commission knowing that the iPhone is not only designed to play, and especially that during the sale a large margin is made.

The trial continues to advance day by day, and a lot of information is reaching us quickly. We regularly post new articles related to this case.