Do Video Games Make Violent? This question has long been asked by some observers. The subject was even broached recently by Donald Trump who, last August, expressed his concern about “ horrible and macabre video games that have become commonplace “. In the past, associations for the protection of family values ​​were also heard to denounce the danger of a saga such as GTA among the youngest.

Except that no study has ever really been able to demonstrate his words, as Vanessa Lalo, clinical psychologist and specialist in digital behavior, reminded our colleagues from France Culture in 2019.

The benefits of video games hailed by university research

A recent study by two American researchers sheds light on this. Entitled “Growing up with Grand Theft Auto”, it has been used for ten years to follow the development of young adolescents and the effects of video games on their behavior. In concrete terms, the scientists made sure to recruit a fairly heterogeneous group of young people who take into account socio-economic and ethnic diversity. At the end of this long research, no correlation between the fact of growing up playing video games and the increase in levels of aggression ten years later could be established.

Of course, it is never possible to conclude definitively and any scientific truth may tomorrow be denied, but studies repeat themselves and seem to confirm this reality. In 2020, video games seem to be much better received than in the past. The latest research published by researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute is there to attest to this. The authors believe that gamers who have spent more time playing say they are happier. A result that goes against forty years of scientific publications which led to the opposite conclusion.