While virtual reality is gaining momentum, whether on PC with the many headsets available or on console with PlayStation is the leader in virtual reality with its PlayStation VR and its very affordable price. However, since 2016 and the arrival of VR, Microsoft remains out of the market for its console: The Xbox One. This should also be the case for its next console namely Scarlett.

If everyone thought that Microsoft was waiting for the next-gen to launch, new statements by Phil Spencer (head of the Xbox branch) make us understand that virtual reality is unlikely to arrive so early at Xbox, even with the Scarlett.

No virtual reality on Xbox Scarlett

Phil Spencer Xbox Scarlett

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It was at the X019 in London two weeks ago, that the Australian site Stevivor, spoke with the boss of Xbox to talk about the future and virtual reality. And unfortunately for the Xbox players who had a lot of hopes, it does not look very good. Indeed, Phil Spencer does not particularly like RV and does not believe in its success at the moment. So, the next Scarlett should not ship this technology.

I have some reservations about RV. It's an experience that isolates and I see video games as a community experience, bringing people together. We listen to our players and we are not asked about virtual reality.
Most of our players know that if they want a VR experience, the options already exist. We see the volume that this represents on PC and other media.

Statements that are a bit opposite to the remarks made by the same Phil Spencer in 2016 just before the launch of Xbox One X. At the time, this gave hopes to many players.

The best platform for playing virtual reality is on PC. I think developers should focus on PC because it's the best place to innovate. What we are going to do is take some of this experience and replicate it on Scorpio when it comes out.

Today, it seems different for Scarlett, and Xbox's boss continues by announcing that he thinks it's too early and that nobody is selling millions of virtual reality headsets so far. A dubious justification when we know that the PSVR exceeded the cap of 4.2 million helmets in early 2019 and that the cap of 5 million will probably be exceeded.

Nobody sells millions and millions (of VR helmets ndlr). We will arrive there one day. For the moment, it's not our priority.