Facebook: how to make unnecessary notifications disappear – Geeko

At first glance, they are perfectly innocent, but these small red dots can still be likened to a visual nuisance. Beyond the notifications of our friends who are interested in us, those of groups, profile or even
Marketplace, are much less. Fortunately,
Facebook now allows its users to disable these little symbols that still attract our attention.

The option is currently under development in Facebook as reported by Techcrunch, but it is already possible to enjoy.

Indeed and the trick is relatively simple. Just press a few moments on the tab in question (videos, groups, Martekplace, profile, etc.) to bring up a menu. On this one, you have the option to delete the tab and disable notifications. So you will be rid of it.

Towards more control

"We deploy commands in the navigation bar to make it easier for users to connect to things they like and control the notifications they receive in the Facebook app," said a spokesperson for the organization. company.

It is obviously possible to reappear red dots. Just do the opposite step.