Nuro R2

© Nuro

Nuro is in the process of testing its R2 autonomous vehicle in the streets of California. Intended for the delivery of goods, it has already carried out a trial phase in the states of Arizona and Texas.

After Google's Waymo, Nuro becomes the second company authorized to operate an autonomous vehicle in California, without a safety driver.

A testing phase at a crucial time

The market for autonomous delivery robots is booming. Last year, Nuro managed to raise almost $ 1 billion, and it continues to rise. Two of its R2 vehicles are thus preparing to make deliveries on the streets of Silicon Valley, where the HQ of the start-up is located.

Fully electric, the R2 will not be allowed to exceed 40 km / h, and will only have to move when the weather is good and on roads where the speed is limited to 56 km / h maximum.

The system is very simple to use: customers use an application to order, and can follow the vehicle from their smartphone. Once the latter arrives, they receive a notification and only have to type a code on the R2, which will give them access to their races, as shown in the video below.

This test phase is very timely for the firm, when people are forced to stay at home and must avoid contact with each other as much as possible.

Source: Digital Trends, The Verge