At the end of 1997, the PlayStation welcomed a certain Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey. A particularly original title at the time, both in its universe and in its gameplay, which gave rise to a sequel (Abe’s Exodus) then to an Xbox-exclusive game (Munch’s Oddyssey) without forgetting The Fury of the ‘Foreign (also Xbox exclusive). More recently, the license made its comeback on PS5, with an opus (reboot of the Exodus of Abe) called Soulstorm. At the end of May, already available individually, the games Abe’s Odyssey, Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath, from the Oddworld saga, are brought together in a compilation available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Switch Exclusive Oddworld Compilation

Indeed, Microïds has decided to launch, exclusively on Nintendo Switch, a cartridge which brings together three opuses of the saga, with the exception of The Exodus of Abe. It includes the New’n Tasty remake of the first opus, not to mention Munch’s Odyssey and The Stranger’s Fury. Three games all in all very different in their approach, but which obviously share this much appreciated “Oddworld” spirit.

So unlike a “classic” compilation, you should know that this Oddworld Collection will not create an icon on your Nintendo Switch interface … but three, namely one per game. For the rest, no bad surprise, we find the three games “in HD”As they have already been offered on the Nintendo console. And since you might be wondering, yes, the games are all present on the cartridge, so there is nothing to download (apart from possible updates).

As for the games themselves, Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty is as successful as ever, even though the latter is a port of a title that launched over seven years ago now. We find the courageous Abe, who will have to thwart many traps and avoid (as much as possible) the many enemies that punctuate RuptureFarms, Srabania and Paramonia.

A title with perfectly oiled mechanics, which is also perfectly suited to the Nintendo Switch and its nomadic game mode. Tested on a Nintendo Switch Lite, the game is still a pure success today, including visually, to (re) discover absolutely.

When the first Xbox was launched in 2002 in Europe, the line-up could be counted on a certain Munch’s Oddyssey. The third installment of the Abe saga (after Abe’s Exodus) which then made the choice of 3D, making it possible to embody the little Munch, in addition to the essential Abe. The goal is again to save as many Mudokons as possible from the clutches of the Glukkons, through a game designed for this cooperation aspect, with many puzzles and other rather well thought out situations.

As always, humor is omnipresent, and even if this 3D opus shows some obvious signs of age, the whole remains very pleasant to play, provided of course to be conciliatory in the face of an achievement (necessarily) dated in 2021.

As for the last opus of this compilation, it is about The Fury of the Stranger, a game initially published on Xbox, and which yielded to the call… of the western. Indeed, we embody a brand new hero (The Stranger) in a game of the TPS / FPS type, with a lot of action on the program. Of course, many puzzles are also part of the game, without forgetting this humor inseparable from the saga, starting with the ammunition used, and in particular the famous Fuzzle. A title quite apart in the saga, but devilishly successful and very inspired, so much so that it is our little darling of this compilation.

At present, Oddworld Collection is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and no PlayStation or Xbox variation is planned on the side of Microids. Ultimately, if you’re a little nostalgic for the good old Oddworld era, and like over 85 million people around the world, you have a Nintendo Switch, then we can’t recommend this Oddworld Collection enough. available now ..

Oddworld Collection

Oddworld Collection test

WE love

  • Three Oddworlds in one!
  • New ‘n Tasty, a sublime remake
  • Games tailored for on-the-go play
  • An omnipresent humor

We like less

  • Munch’s Oddysee, a little weak
  • No French voice for Abe’s Odyssey
  • What about Abe’s Exodus?
  • Some mechanics have aged well anyway