Apple and updates is a great love story. So that owners of old models can continue to use them, only one solution … update them!

The devices concerned are those released before 2012. Kylian Mbappé was then only 14 years old, just to locate. It’s old. But some models are still in use, although Apple has declared them obsolete.

Since November 1, 2018, it is not possible to have an iPhone 5 repaired in an Apple Store or an Apple authorized center, even if it still works and fulfills its basic function perfectly: making calls and sending / receiving SMS. Other affected devices, 3rd and 4th generation iPad, 1st generation iPad mini, iPad 2, and iPhone 4S. Note that the iPads concerned are those with a SIM card slot. Basic models are therefore not affected.

Time passes, passes, passes, and a lot has changed

Basically, Apple models dating from before 2012 will no longer be usable from November 3, with a disturbed GPS location and an inability to connect to the internet. Which is rather annoying, given that you absolutely have to log into your Apple account to use iCloud, the App Store, Mail, and all the applications that make the iPhone what it is.

To warn everyone, Apple has therefore sent a message to the owners of the devices concerned, strongly urging them to update their iOS. To work properly, the iPhone 4S must therefore upgrade to version 9.3.6, and 10.3.4 for the iPhone 5. At the center of the problem, the devices’ GPS chip, which has already caused many problems, such as incapacity. on the device to connect to Waze or Maps. Its malfunction can even lead to display errors for the date and time. And not because we have just switched to winter time …

To update, go to the tab Settings, to select General, then Software updates, and let yourself be guided. Simple, but essential to do before Sunday November 3 to continue to be able to use these old devices.

Unless you decide that the time may have come to change device …

Sources: BFM TV, Futura Tech