The Woking firm in England, McLaren, has just made a decision on its Elva. The speedster unusual and ultra-rare that it presented in 2019 will now be able to acquire a windshield. An absent element which made all the specificity of the supercar originally planned to 399 copies, then revised to 149.

The story of the McLaren Elva is quite special because after its announcement, its first customers asked the brand to review the production volume. Without a roof, window or windshield, this new model was not “exclusive” enough, they judged. The number was revised to 249 before McLaren unfortunately realized that further reduction was needed.

Its price of 1.7 million euros for a completely stripped car was a problem. Now the customers should be able to choose the supercar with the option. The only cost of the operation would be an increase in weight of 20 kilograms, as well as a change in the style of the bow. Equipped with a windshield, the McLaren Elva looks more like a 765 LT, but still remains roofless and windowless, with an exclusive livery and its look. speedster.

Mclaren elva

Original, without windshield, the McLaren Elva © McLaren

An advantage: being able to drive legally

The excessiveness of the price and the lack of a windshield would be nothing for American customers without the ban on the car on the open road. Indeed, without protection from the projections of the road, the American legislation of certain States prohibits the car to the traffic. And McLaren wants to direct part of its new orders to the United States.

This element is therefore the main reason for the announcement made by the brand this week. The car will still carry its homemade 4.0 twin-turbo V8, and its acceleration to 100 km / h under 3 seconds. It will only remain to see if the attractiveness of Elva does not weaken with the arrival of this element. Remember its price: 1.7 million euros.