The arrival of each version of Android to different manufacturers also occurs at different speeds. Some have chosen to join Google's Android One program and the former tend to arrive, while others have proprietary layers running over the operating system and processes are dilated. It is the case of OPPO, which has to adapt ColorOS to each change that is made in Android, and the changes with Android 10 have been remarkable, as with any great version.

Nevertheless, it seems that the work is almost complete and OPPO will soon have the version of its layer adapted to Android 10. Not only OPPO, of course, but also the manufacturers that use the same layer, as in the case of Realme. Be that as it may, ColorOS 7 is almost ready and the filing date is already set. We will meet him on November 20.

On November 20, ColorOS 7 arrives on Android 10

Color 7

The Chinese manufacturer is one of the fastest growing in the last quarter, and much of the blame for this is the personality that prints to its terminals. Personality that is reflected both outside and inside, with A very colorful and clean ColorOS It serves as a cover letter for an increasingly relevant brand in the global mobile phone landscape.

ColorOS 6 arrived last March, and meant the landing of Android 9 Pie on the brand's phones. A layer that implemented artificial intelligence more aggressively, and that allowed ColorOS to adapt better to the latest frameless models that the manufacturer had put into circulation. Now it's the turn of ColorOS 7.

On November 20 we will know the ColorOS 7 that will reach the OPPO and Realme with the update to Android 10

The next layer will obviously come running on Android 10, so the premiere of it will mean that many of its phones will also make the leap in terms of the operating system version. At the moment not much is known about it but we do know that it will have a cleaner design and that it will mean a remarkable advance in speed with respect to the arrival of Pie to your phones. Android 10 premiered in summer.

So, ColorOS 7 already has a release date. The layer will be presented in China on November 20 and then we will know how many changes it incorporates compared to the previous version, both aesthetic and performance. Maybe then the brand also publishes the list of phones, both OPPO and Realme, which will be updated to it, and perhaps also the date scheduled to do so. Write down the date: November 20.

Via | Android Authority