PippenFTS still can't believe it. In just over two weeks, just over 130,000 players joined the discord of his new Buld The Earth project. The idea is very simple in appearance but actually requires titanic work. It's about recreating the planet Earth on a 1: 1 scale in the Minecraft game.

Gamers have therefore responded well, and in this period of confinement there is no shortage of time and good will. Concretely, each participant is invited to recreate his own map by choosing a city or a territory to reproduce it as close as possible to reality. Many will also rely on Google Earth to carry out this operation.

Minecraft, educational and political playground

"All man-made structures – all of our cities, towers, cathedrals, railways, museums, theaters, parks and skyscrapers – all of this is constructed and completed on a map that represents our innate human desire to create, to realize, to persevere, in a visitable and explorable Minecraft world “, Specifies PippenFTS. The latter has also set out to recreate the city of Seattle from which he hails.

He wants to be very serious in his approach. According to The Independent, he initiated the creation of a review committee to ensure the quality of the work and ensure the best possible collaboration between the groups of participants.

It may take years to complete this major collective effort, but the American nonetheless hopes to see it completed during his lifetime.

Minecraft has long allowed many positive initiatives to spread. During the confinement, Microsoft decided to make available free educational content on the game. For its part, Reporters Without Borders used it as part of an initiative to denounce censorship on the Internet.