Remember, last April, many Nintendo Switch users saw suspicious activity on their Nintendo Network account. The main goal was to steal users' PayPal accounts. The players concerned had then received an email from Nintendo, indicating a new expense via PayPal, relating (generally) to purchases of V-Bucks, the virtual currency of Fortnite. In total, 160,000 users were affected.

Over 300,000 Nintendo Network accounts hacked

At least so far, since Nintendo has just confirmed that no less than 140,000 additional accounts have been affected, this brings the total to more than 300,000 hackings. The Japanese giant nevertheless wants to be reassuring, and indicates that less than 1% of the affected accounts have been used to make fraudulent purchases.

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Nintendo says it has reset the passwords for the affected accounts, and that the owners have all been notified of the problem. Remember that to protect yourself as much as possible, in addition to enabling double authentication, it is also recommended to delete your bank / PayPal data from your Nintendo Switch.

In addition to the Paypal data of certain victims, the fraudsters were also able to get their hands on other personal data, such as the name / first name, the date of birth, the e-mail address … Nintendo specifies that the bank data are not affected by hacking, and that only certain Paypal data has been stolen. The majority of the victims have already been reimbursed, said the Japanese group.

While there have been many complaints in Japan, American and European users have also been struck by what constitutes a huge hacking operation. Nintendo has confirmed that it wants to take new security measures, without however specifying the content of these.