Paper Mario is coming to Nintendo Switch!

This is news that should delight Nintendo fans, since the Japanese group has just officialized a brand new Paper Mario on Nintendo Switch. Initiated on Nintendo 64 (and somehow descended from Super Mario RPG on SNES), the Paper Mario saga is an RPG remodeled in Nintendo sauce. Various opuses have already been released, on GameCube, on Wii or on Wii U.

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On Nintendo Switch, we will soon be able to play Paper Mario: The Origami King. A game that will brighten up our summer vacation, since it is scheduled for July 17. For this episode, players are invited to join Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi for the first kingdom festival dedicated to origami.

However, the festive atmosphere is somewhat offended because Princess Peach does not seem to be entirely herself… Everything suggests that King Olly, the self-proclaimed sovereign of the Origami Kingdom, has the terrible intention of folding the whole world. at his will, everyone with origami!

Towards an "inoupliable" episode?

According to Nintendo: "Paper Mario: The Origami King introduces a new combat system, where clashes take place in an arena made up of rings that will have to be rotated and slid to properly position the enemies in order to cause them maximum damage. In other words, lively action and wit will be necessary to overcome your opponents in these fights which promise to be frantic. "

Graphically, we find the characteristic Paper Mario touch, with obviously a whole new side "Origami" here. The first trailer released by Nintendo allows you to discover this new universe which is both colorful, and full of imagination and discoveries. Needless to say, we can't wait to see the new adventures very RPGesques of this good Mario.