A few weeks ago, Konami put online a beta version of a football game “new generation“, But without ever using the name PES. At the beginning of July, we mentioned on Squeezer the possibility of seeing the PES franchise turn into a free-to-play type game. Today, Konami confirms the news, formalizing its new brand identity: eFootball.

Farewell PES, welcome eFootball…

For Konami, this new eFootball identity represents an innovative approach for the long-standing franchise, previously known as ISS (on PSOne in particular) and Pro Evolution Soccer in Europe and Winning Eleven in Japan. So good old “PES”, football at Konami is now called eFootball, and it’s free.

Indeed, eager to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the new experience PES eFootball, Konami will offer its free-to-play game on consoles, PC and mobile. The publisher promises a gaming experience that is both fair and balanced. Obviously, do not expect to enjoy all of this eFootball for free …

Indeed, while local matches with FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus, FC Bayern, Manchester United and other teams will be available for free upon release, some game modes and other content will be sold as optional DLCs. Konami will give more information, and even offer gameplay, at the end of August, but long-time fans already have enough to shed a little tease.

Building on the solid foundations of the Unreal Engine, which allowed us to rework player expressions in depth, we made changes to create a new football game engine that will power eFootball ™ for years to come.“, Says Seitaro Kimura, Producer of the eFootball series at Konami Digital Entertainment.

The publisher confirms that eFootball will launch worldwide on PlayStation, Xbox, Windows 10 and Steam consoles this fall. The iOS and Android versions will be available shortly after.