Launched on PC in 1993, the first DOOM was obviously an immediate success with gamers, in addition to arousing a vast controversy (already at the time) among those resistant to video games. A saga which gave birth to a new genre (the doom-like) and which is still a safe bet for many FPS enthusiasts today. The last opus to date, DOOM Eternal, had been particularly appreciated by Presse-citron, as by all the press and players.

DOOM on an IKEA light bulb?

However, beyond its video game qualities, the DOOM saga is also very popular with developers, who have been trying for many years now to make the game run on just about everything … and especially anything. Recently, it is a pregnancy test that notably hosted the game signed ID Software. Today it’s the turn of an IKEA light bulb.

Indeed, the Trädfri smart bulb, sold at IKEA, was shelled by the hacker Nicola Wrachien, in order to recover the RF MGM210L chip. The hacker then connected the chip to a small 1.8 ″ screen, displaying a resolution of 160 x 128 pixels. As a little anecdote, the processor that drives the IKEA light bulb has a total of… 108 KB of RAM!

It was obviously necessary to adapt the code of DOOM to allow the game to run on such a modest configuration, but the result is there, with a DOOM that runs at around 35 fps on the small screen tinkered by Nicola Wrachien. However, this umpteenth experience was obviously not to the liking of some rights holders, since the demonstration video had to be removed from YouTube, following a request for deletion.