From the moment you close the door to your house, you miss her terribly and you don’t know how you are going to spend hours without her. It’s a fact: you are addicted to your PlayStation 4, and would like to extend your epic games on the go. Good news: it’s now possible for iPhone and iPad owners!

Last March, Sony made its Play emote app available on the App Store. Already available on Android since 2016, it allows you to play your PS4 games on your smartphone or tablet, by connecting remotely to your trusty home console. To do this, here is the procedure.

Update your PlayStation 4

If the update is not automatic for your PS4, go to the menu Settings. Select System software update, in order to obtain the latest available update, and thus ensure that your console is compatible with the Remote Play application.

Download the app

This is clearly the most obvious step. So much so that you could almost forget to think about it. But you have to download the free application PS4 Remote Play to be able to use … PS4 Remote Play. Logic.

Activate remote connection

To let your PS4 know that you are now going to have a long-distance relationship, go to Settings, and select Remote Play Connection Settings. Check the box Activate remote play.

Connect the device to your PSN account

These essential steps completed, you must now synchronize the iPhone or iPad with your PlayStation account. Enter your credentials in the application. Your PS4 console will be automatically detected.

If this is not the case, you can still configure it manually, by going back to the Settings console, and selecting the menu Add device. You will then get a code that you must go and get a tattoo on your neck. But no, we’re kidding … You just have to enter it on your mobile device. Press on Manual recording and confirm by pressing Record.

Let’s play!

Here you are, ready to play PlayStation 4 wherever you go! Concretely, how is it going? First of all, you should know that the PS4 Remote Play cannot be triggered if the console is turned off. You must therefore leave it in rest mode when you leave your home.

To play, you will see the famous Triangle, Circle, Cross and Square keys appear superimposed on the screen. It is also possible to connect an MFI controller (Made For iPhne / iPad), the PS4 controllers are not yet compatible with iOS.

Ah and of course, you will have understood it, to be able to play thus remotely, you will also need a very good internet connection.