Who has never dreamed of playing video games on the giant screen of a movie theater? This is now possible in South Korea and the United States.

Hard hit by the pandemic, cinema operators can no longer welcome mass audiences to their theaters. If we therefore turn massively to streaming platforms to watch the latest films and series, cinemas can turn into a great playground.

The BBC reports that an employee of the CGV (sort of South Korean Gaumont) had the idea of rent entire rooms to gamers to make up for losses linked to the pandemic. A concept already implemented in the United States by the Malco Theaters group in Memphis (Tennessee).

No profits despite high tariffs

Playing video games on a movie screen is a very expensive activity. In South Korea, the CGV group rents a room for 90 dollars for two hours during the day. After 6 p.m., the rate drops to $ 135. And you have to bring the console and the controllers with you. We are therefore far from the 12 dollars required to watch a film. Logical since the room can only contain four players.

In American theaters, the rate is set at $ 100 for two hours. But they can accommodate up to 20 players. This operation therefore makes it possible to keep the cinemas alive, but not to generate profit says Karen Melton, vice president of Malco.

Cinema in all its forms

The global pandemic is hitting the film industry hard. In addition to room closures, the studios are all reviewing their strategy. The complicated shoots and the uncertainties surrounding the exit from the crisis are delaying certain exits.

The next James Bond (Die can reach) is constantly shifted, the new seasons of successful series also know some setbacks (the broadcast of This is Us for example no longer follows its rhythm of one episode per week).

The giants of the industry are therefore seeking to limit breakage. Streaming seems to be establishing itself as the best alternative. Disney has chosen to broadcast its latest Mulan and Soul feature films directly on its Disney + service. Warner Bros. is even more radical: all of its 2021 blockbusters will be broadcast directly on HBO Max, a service currently unavailable in France. For the moment… Warner has indeed just indicated that the deployment of its platform in Europe would materialize soon.