Since its launch in November 2020, it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on a PlayStation 5. It must be said that the shortage of electronic components caused by the health crisis has not helped Sony to take its head out of the water, well on the contrary. Almost 10 months after the launch of the PS5, stocks therefore remain very limited, and we are not about to see the shelves full of this next-gen console.

In an attempt to meet this long wait, the Japanese firm yesterday organized a “PS5 direct restock”. As always, this type of event is based on a random queue system that allows everyone to start on an equal footing to try to access the Grail. However, not everything went as planned, and this event stirred up the anger and impatience of fans even more.

An interminable wait

Usually these events last between 20 and 30 minutes, then Sony says that unfortunately there are no more consoles. However, to everyone’s surprise, yesterday’s event lasted longer. Hopeful, many people waited over an hour, believing that Sony had released more copies this time around. In reality, something doesn’t seem to have worked, since the message that should have said that there were no more PS5s left was not sent to everyone.

After more than an hour of waiting, the emotional lift was violent for some. In any case, this was felt on Twitter where hundreds of users expressed their dissatisfaction. As if the disappointment is not enough, it is impossible for the moment to know when Sony will organize a new event of the kind. It will still be necessary to be patient to manage one day perhaps to obtain a PlayStation 5.

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