Since spring 2019, Sony has been in a period of transition. The firm is making significant changes within its business, with staff shifts, and a new strategy. From 2006 and the arrival of the PlayStation 3, the idea was to bet everything on games, innovation, risk taking with the creation of licenses and the emergence of smaller studios.

But for the past two years, it seems that Sony has been betting on “safe values” on the gaming side, and on the “general public” on the entertainment side. With the creation of PlayStation Productions, Sony intends to adapt its major licenses to cinema or TV series.
Recently, Sony posted a job posting suggesting that a new development unit is in the works. This time, the ambition will be to adapt franchises like God of War or Uncharted… In mobile games.

PlayStation games… On mobile!

© PlayStationThe offer therefore applies to the premises of PlayStation Studios located in San Mateo or those of Los Angeles, California. Sony is looking for a Mobile Development Manager with several projects to implement over a period of three to five years. The idea will be to adapt the most popular PlayStation franchises. If we take this precision literally, Uncharted, God of War and Gran Turismo will be the main licenses concerned.

As the Head of the Mobile Section, you will own and develop the mobile gaming strategy for PlayStation Studios […] You will lead all aspects of our game development expansion, from consoles and PCs to mobile and live services, with a focus on the successful adaptation of the most popular PlayStation franchises for mobile. […] You will be responsible for organizing and building a team and will be the leader of this new business unit within PlayStation Studios.

A news that will not please everyone. This strategy seems to perfectly confirm the latest Bloomberg report where PlayStation intends to promote “safe values” with its blockbusters and big studios to the detriment of its modest teams and secondary projects like Days Gone 2 which was canceled in 2019.