With the rise of Esport, as well as various sports betting on the Net, could Sony create the first online betting system on PlayStation? According to a recent patent spotted by the VidaExtra site, the Japanese firm could take advantage of the takeover of the EVO to spice things up.

A PlayStation to bet on Esport?

PlayStation Competitor Game Pass

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Sony has filed a strange patent allowing bets to be made with or without money around Esport games. In this document created by Michael Chow, a Machine Learning Engineer in the Research & Development section of PlayStation, we can see that Sony’s idea is to allow its players to earn money as a spectator during competitions in line.

The odds for the various propositions that may occur in the game are determined by a computer simulation. The players therefore have the choice among several selections to bet against money or not. Odds can be determined using statistics from old games. The idea is whether or not a grenade can kill three enemies at the same time.

Once the proposal has been validated, players can decide to place a bet with several options (reduce their stake, outbid…). All bets are then collected and redistributed at the end of the game to the winners. For people who do not wish to bet money, it will be possible to bet items in games (such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive).

In March, Sony announced its acquisition of the Evolution Championship Series (EVO). It is one of the most famous fighting game tournaments in the world. This kind of patent allowing betting could be ideal for the EVO.

Recently, Sony invested over $ 200 million in fundraising for Epic Games to encourage them to accelerate the creation of connected social experiences based on the concept of “Metavers” (a fictional virtual world). Many rumors evoke the desire of Sony to develop a PlayStation Home 2, an online life simulator allowing players to meet directly via their PlayStation 5. Again, the betting system could be perfect for this kind of games.