There was a time when these good old thermal vehicles, which soon nobody will want anymore, were called back to the garage for various and varied concerns. Recall campaigns which are not however exclusive to these vehicles at “fossil fuels”Noisy and smelly, since electric cars are also affected. And not the least, since it is a certain Porsche Taycan which is today recalled to the garage by the German manufacturer.

Back to the garage for more than 40,000 Porsche Taycan

Indeed, Porsche has formalized the recall of certain models of Taycan, likely to lose power randomly. The latter would be caused by a software bug, which would then automatically trigger a loss of engine power, the car then going, and without any valid reason, into “degraded“.

Porsche Taycan interior

In total, no less than 43,000 Porsche Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo are likely to be affected by this concern, and owners are obviously warmly invited to bring their car back to the garage for a proper inspection, and a good big software update. These are models marketed between 2020 and 2021, with around 3,400 units present on German territory.

At Porsche, we still want to be reassuring: “The problem has already been fixed in the current series. Owners of the affected vehicles can continue to use them and will be contacted directly by their responsible Porsche partner. A workshop appointment, which will be free, should take place as soon as possible and the software update will take about an hour.

Note, however, that no serious incident is to be deplored with regard to this concern for power likely to affect some Porsche Taycan. The automaker also explains that while OTA updates allow small-scale operations to be carried out on its Taycan model, larger changes need to be made directly at a Porsche Center.