Taycan Porsche

" The future is electric ". An expression could not be more clear, pronounced by the boss of Porsche for North America, Klaus Zellmer. These are the ambitions of the famous brand of luxury cars, which will therefore massively redirect its industry towards soft mobility.

In order to effectively compete with Tesla, the subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group will bet big on the electric, producing about 50% of electrified vehicles per year from 2025. From 2021, Porsche wants to manufacture a 100% electric version of the Macan SUV.

Porsche revises its production

On the occasion of the LA Auto Show, the Los Angeles Auto Show, Porsche's president and chief executive for North America, Klaus Zellmer, went into detail about the many questions surrounding the electrical future of the brand. The group's guideline can not be clearer, and is clearly in favor of massive investment in the field. " By 2025, we will have crossed a tipping point, Porsche will build more than 50% of its annual volume with an electrical outlet, in one form or another ".

An assumed bias, all with a short-term goal. This is in line with the previous interventions of the group, such as the presentation of the Taycan vehicle in September in Frankfurt, the first 100% electric sports brand. In less than three seconds, it can reach 100 km / h, and seems nothing to envy to classic models.

Today, Tesla largely dominates sales of electric cars. More and more manufacturers want to compete with the firm of Elon Musk. Several models take the opposite of the Tesla, such as the BMW i4 or Taycan, with the objective of recovering some market share in this segment.

The German manufacturer at the heart of a transition

If the targets are set for 2021 and 2025, relatively close deadlines, the diesel industry will not collapse overnight. The manufacturer reminds that this is a transition, a tipping point, to be reached in 2025. However, production and industry generally will be until further notice still divided between several models, including diesel.

In addition, the estimated 50% power generation for 2025 could well include rechargeable hybrid technology, alongside 100% electric vehicles. Finally, Klaus Zellmer did not fail to stipulate that the combustion engine industry was not dead woman », Particularly resistant through Porsche 911 sports models.

For Zellmer, the main obstacle to the massive development of electric vehicles lies in the currently limited capacity of refills. According to statistics provided by the Chief Executive, " 90% of the cooldown is at home or at work This should be redesigned, especially in megacities with 20 million inhabitants.

Finally, remember that the Chinese market is one of the most attractive for manufacturers: Tesla has recently opened a " Gigafactory in Shanghai "…

Source: Rfi