The FDA, the American body that authorizes the marketing of new drugs, has just recognized the benefits of the EndeavorRX video game, which can be legally prescribed as a drug for children 8 to 12 years old with ADHD (ADHD). attention with or without hyperactivity).

Despite the bad reputation of video games, some of them are already used by psychologists during their session, and the Wii is considered a good ally for certain rehabilitation sessions. But the fact that one of them is allowed to be prescribed is a first.

Concrete results observed on children

The game in question here is an obstacle course in which you have to capture aliens. It has been subjected to 7 years of clinical trials on more than 600 children. The results were convincing since a third of the treated children no longer had any problems after playing this game for four weeks at the rate of 25 minutes per day over a period of five days per week.

The improvements observed were maintained for one month after the end of the treatment. The most common side effects are frustration and headaches. These effects are mild compared to traditional medicines.

However, a reservation should be noted on the conclusions of these studies. These were conducted by doctors who work for the development of the game. A conflict of interest could potentially interfere with these conclusions. They themselves recognize that the results "are not sufficient to suggest that AKL-T01 should be used as an alternative to established and recommended treatments for ADHD "

For people with attention deficit disorder, this may still be a solution to test, especially since it is the first "drug" in the form of a video game which is officially released on the market.

This also gives another dimension to these games, which are not only time-consuming distractions, but which could also have therapeutic properties.