Do you remember PlayDate? But yes, this little console with a crank which was announced in May 2019. After two fairly silent years, the latter returns to the front of the stage to reveal a lot of information to us.

The console is now expected for the end of the year at a price of $ 179 with 24 games and a cool new accessory! Pre-orders are expected to launch next month. Here is a little recap of the latest information!

PlayDate Update

Scheduled for the year 2020, the release date of this new console is logically postponed to 2021 because of the plant closures linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. The PlayDate is now expected by the end of the year and pre-orders will launch in July. Panic, the console builder reassures players. No out of stock is expected and everyone will be notified a week before the launch of pre-orders. The sooner you pre-order your console, the sooner you will receive it.

Regarding the price, the PlayDate will be launched at a price of $ 179 (and not $ 149 as was originally planned). This increase is justified by a storage capacity which goes from 2 to 4 GB, while the console line-up goes from 12 to 24 games for the first season.

List of announced PlayDate games:

  1. Casual Birder
  2. Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure
  3. Battleship Godios
  4. Boogie Loops
  5. Casual Birder
  6. DemonQuest 85
  7. Echoic Memory
  8. Executive Golf DX
  9. Pinball Lifter
  10. Forrest Byrnes: Up in Smoke
  11. Hyper Meteor
  12. Lost your marbles
  13. Omaze
  14. Pick Pack Pup
  15. Questy Chess
  16. Ratcheteer
  17. Sasquatchers
  18. Snak
  19. Spellcorked!
  20. Zipper
  21. Saturday Edition
  22. Whitewater Wipeout

There are therefore two secret games that should be announced soon.

Playdate Stereo Dock

Playdate Stereo Dock

© PlayDate

In the last presentation, Panic presented the Playdate Stereo Dock. This is a new accessory on which it will be possible to fix the console. No price for the moment, but this accessory will charge the console and can play the role of Bluetooth speaker.

See you soon for the launch of pre-orders and for other information about this new unusual console.

For those who did not know the PlayDate, it is a portable console with a size of 74 x 76 x 9 mm, and has a (very) small screen of 2.7 ″ in 400 x 240 pixels. It will offer a monochrome screen without backlighting, with directional cross and only two game buttons (B and A). There is also a pause button, a jack … and a crank that will be used in some games!