The Nintendo Switch “star” of containment?

With containment in place around the world, it has become very difficult to get hold of a Nintendo Switch console " at normal price". Indeed, many people have decided to fall for the Nintendo console for a month, but the latter is becoming increasingly rare in stores. A boon for some unscrupulous resellers … Only the Nintendo Switch Lite seems, for the time being, relatively unscathed.

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Indeed, according to data from GamesIndustry, the Nintendo Switch saw its sales increase by 150% in March. Pandemic forces, Nintendo is not able to replenish the stores. There is however another reason for this shortage of Nintendo Switch, namely a bot used by some buyers / resellers, capable of buying dozens of consoles as soon as they go on sale …

Nintendo Switch Bot

Dealers armed with a bot?

This is Motherboard which explains that a bot (baptized Bird bot), is configured to automatically buy an item online as soon as it is back in stock. Initially programmed to buy sneakers, the bot (open-source) has been revamped to set its sights on the latest Nintendo console. Thus, Bird Bot users can automatically buy dozens of consoles, to resell them more expensive…

Note that the handling concerns both new consoles and used models, sold for example by GameStop. Some do not hesitate to proudly exhibit their loot on dedicated Discord channels …

Currently, on Amazon, you have to pay no less than € 425 to buy a Nintendo Switch, the price of which “ normal Is 299 euros. The average price observed, still at Amazon, is currently € 529… Some models, such as the Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition, are even offered at around € 700… Not enough to prevent the Nintendo console from being among the best sellers in the video games section currently.