You will certainly not have missed it, Sony has just launched its PS5 in Europe, after a launch last November 12 in the United States or in Japan. A launch which takes place in a very particular context, with in particular confinement in France, but also a very (very) limited stock of PS5s.

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It is now obvious that it will not be easy for gamers to get their hands on a PS5 for a few weeks or even months. A generalized shortage which obviously cringes the teeth of many players, but which does not prevent Sony from claiming ” biggest console launch (PlayStation)“.

PS5 - PlayStation 5


Sony therefore confirms that the PS5 managed to do better than the PS4 in 2013, which was then credited with 2.1 million sales in just two weeks of marketing. A record for PlayStation at the time, and a record, since it was confirmed a few days later that the launch of the PS4 was the best launch of a console in the history of video games.

Even if the figures are not yet made official (we are talking about 2.3 million sales), by doing better than the PS4, the all new next-gen console from Sony quite logically monopolizes the status of ” best launch ever“. On the side of PlayStation France, it says: ” The demand for the PS5 is unprecedented and we would like to assure you that new quantities of PS5 will arrive at our dealers by the end of the year.

Indeed, a ” second wave Of PS5 is currently underway with many retailers, and new PS5 consoles will be shipped from some retailers shortly before Christmas. Obviously, if you haven’t pre-ordered your PS5 yet, it goes without saying that there is very little chance that you will be able to enjoy the console for the holiday season.