Because it’s not just Fortnite in the life of the lover of the battle royale genre, PUBG today announces the arrival of its brand new update 10.2. The PUBG update notably introduces a new reputation system, a new vehicle, and competitive mode updates.

PUBG is (finally!) Up to date

Thus, a new reputation system has been put in place, in order to determine if a player behaves correctly, or on the contrary, if he proves to be toxic towards others. A reputation level will be displayed in the team locator and in the list of team members next to the player nicknames. A reputation level that goes from 0 to 5.

Along with this new reputation system, PUBG’s latest update allows you to get behind the wheel of the RB Coupé, a vintage sports car with a top speed of 150 km / h, making it the second-fastest vehicle fast (on land) after the bike. An RB Coupé that can be driven on Erangel, Miramar, as well as on Sanhok!

The developers have also been keen to update competitive mode, with penalties that are updated to allow a larger “buffer time” interval if the team is not full. The player will not be liable to deserter penalties if he leaves the game within 5 minutes of the plane taking off.

Finally, the Pick’Em Challenge is back for the PGI.S. It gives players the ability to guess the winners throughout the PGI using voting coupons. Players can get voting coupons by watching the competition or purchasing exclusive PGI.S. Of course, players who correctly find the winners will be rewarded with EPs.