If the Wear OS watches (ex-Android Wear) have been stalling for a while, it is largely the fault of Qualcomm who has nothing else to offer them than a 2016 processor that was already not at the tip when it came out.

Surely to reassure partners and customers while the Google I / O is currently being held, Qualcomm has revealed that new processors for watches will finally be available at the end of the year. Better still, the manufacturer promises a platform "Designed from scratch for uncompromising use", which is not the case of the current Snapdragon 2100 which is a modified smartphone chip.

"Connected watches today are very pleasant when you interact with them, but not when they are at rest. You will see that this new platform, this new architecture, will significantly improve the look and feel of the watches, whether you interact with them or not. "says Pankaj Kedia, head of wearables at Qualcomm, Wareable.

And to insist on this point by stating that the black and white low consumption display that prevails when the watch is not used (and which is not even able to Apple Watch) is not satisfactory. "A connected watch is first and foremost a watch. She must be beautiful, elegant, whether I look at her or not. (…) When we talk to customers of Fossil and Michael Kors, they tell us they want connected watches without compromise. "

Pankaj Kedia does not detail the concrete possibilities brought by the future processors, but we understand that the display in standby should be less basic than today, surely thanks to colors and animations.

In addition, the new platform that does not have a name yet will make it possible to make smaller watches (or free up space for other components) and increase battery life. Pankaj Kedia also remains vague about this, but it ensures that the autonomy will be improved overall, both during use and during the day before.

"This platform will upset the Wear OS ecosystem, and make you reconsider your expectations in connected watchesconcludes the Qualcomm executive. We are distributing samples to our customers. I saw it working, it's very exciting. " The first watches taking advantage of the new processors will arrive at the end of the year. In particular, a standard model is planned for autumn.