The Project xCloud in test in France!

A few months after launching its streaming service (Xbox Console Streaming), Microsoft is now opening registrations in France for its Project xCloud service. Remember that the latter should arrive in Europe, in the final phase, in the course of this year 2020, but that some lucky elected officials will be able to test the service in preview.

On the Microsoft side, we explain as follows: We are opening registrations today to take advantage of the preview service, however, the service will only be launched when we judge it reasonable to do so given the current environment. "

Microsoft Project xCloud test

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In addition to France, ten other countries will be able to join the test program. In each country, a limited number of players will be able to join the program at first, and over time, Microsoft will gradually increase this number. For the American giant, it is also " to preserve the network During this period of confinement.

For those who do not know, Project xCloud is a streaming game technology that allows you to enjoy games normally dedicated to a game console on an Android phone or tablet thanks to the cloud. In other words, via Project xCloud, we will soon be able to play Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War 5 or even Halo on a smartphone, via the magic of " cloud gaming".

Those who wish to join Project xCloud can now make themselves known at this address. In addition to its streaming games service, it should be remembered that 2020 will be marked for Microsoft by the launch of its brand new Xbox Series X, which should be available at the end of the year.