In just four short days, Electronic Arts will come out of the silence to unveil the next Battlefield installment. An event that fits in the list many events not to be missed this summer around gaming. It will be to follow from 4 pm and we should discover the first images as well as the first details around this title which is without any debate one of the most anticipated of the year.

To wait until the official EA news, let’s go back to a few key points that alone justify why Battlefield 6 is one of the most anticipated games of this year.

Battlefield: back to the top?

© EA

It is without a doubt one of the biggest video game licenses of recent years. Since the release of Battlefield 3 (in 2011) and the incredible Battlefield 4 (in 2013), the series has managed to overshadow the great Call of Duty. Unfortunately, the two previous opus did not have the same success and remained far from the expectations of Electronic Arts (especially with Battlefield V).

After three years of absence, it seems that this new game is the event of the year. According to the latest rumors, Battlefield would return to the origins of its success with a title largely inspired by opus 3 and 4 which made the fame of the license.

A reboot and a lot of damage

According to many insiders, this new installment will be called Battlefield 2042 and feature military wars inspired by Battlefield 3 and 4 (the two most beloved episodes by fans). The game would offer dynamic weather with maps that could evolve over climatic disasters. Many elements of the different MAPs could be destructible like in previous games.

An online mode for up to 128 players

Still according to several insiders quite close to EA and the Battlefield license, this new game would offer an online mode with 128 players and cross-platform (possibility to play with PS5 and Xbox Series X players). The CEO of Electronic Arts also promises “massive and immersive battles” with “more players than ever before”. This 128-player mode would be exclusive for next-gen PCs and consoles, while on PS4 and Xbox One online it would be limited to 64 players.

A battle royale to compete with Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone

© Activision

After the failure of the Battle-Royale of Battlefield V, Electronic Arts and DICE could come back in force with this new Battlefield to offer a much more efficient online service to counter the Warzone mode of Call of Duty. It remains to be seen if this mode will be available when the game launches at the end of the year or if it will arrive a little later. When we know the effectiveness of Battlefield’s MAPs, we can already imagine what it could be like in a battle-royale mode with dynamic weather!

Battlefield for fall 2021 on next-gen

Battlefield 2021


Appointment Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm for the presentation of the game. The latter is already scheduled for the end of the year (probably in October) on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. The title is also slated for release on PS4 and Xbox One.