Renault electric concept car Morphoz

The outcome of the 2020 vintage could be marked by the induction of a new urban electric SUV signed Renault. Based on the CMF / EV platform, the model in question would be directly inspired by concept car Morphoz.

Would the Renault diamond brand prepare an urban electric SUV for the end of 2020? This is in any case what to understand from the information published by the French media Argus, according to which the tricolor group is currently developing a new zero emission model which would complete a catalog notably made up of the city cars ZOE and Twingo Z.E.

A promising range

Based on the CMF / EV platform, the vehicle would draw from the aesthetic lines of the concept car Morphoz, which the French flagship was to introduce at the Geneva Motor Show 2020, withdrawn from the calendar due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The inspiration drawn from this four-wheeler would intervene for example in terms of optics and " tighter lines than usual ", Notes the specialized site.

Renault electric concept car Morphoz

Known under the code name BCB, this SUV says urban because of its size – 4.20 meters long – could display significant advantages in terms of autonomy: between 550 and 600 kilometers for the highest range. Also note that the City K-ZE SUV currently sold in China, and catapulted to Europe in 2021 under the name Dacia Spring, has nothing to do with this model.

Douai maneuvering

Still according to Argus, the industrial site based in Douai (North), in which the Scénic, Espace and Talisman are assembled today, should take care of assembling this new electric variant.

Marketing, it should occur in early spring 2021, unless the current global pandemic upsets the planning of French society.

Source: Argus