While the iPhone 12 will make its first happy from October 23, Apple took the opportunity to update its price sheet for repairs to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Repair prices for the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max have not yet been released as the two devices won’t go on sale until November 13. If repairing the screen of the iPhone 12 Pro will cost you exactly the same as for the iPhone 11 Pro (or 311 euros, out of warranty), the price of repairing the screen of the iPhone 12 is clearly increasing. compared to that of the iPhone 11.

Instead of 221 euros for the iPhone 11, it will cost you 311 euros to repair the screen of the iPhone 12, or 90 euros more. This change in prices can be explained by the arrival of the OLED screen on the new phone, while the iPhone 11 used an LCD panel, which is cheaper to produce. Apple has also introduced in recent months a new type of screen in hardened ceramic, more resistant according to the statements of the company, especially against falls. Screen repairs should be less common. AppleCare + insurance, billed at 169 euros for the iPhone 12 and 229 euros for the iPhone 12 Pro, also reduces the price of repairing the screen to only 29 euros (for the first 2 times). Perhaps the best investment to make for this new iPhone.

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