The main video game releases, events, conventions, conferences and rumors to watch – here is the video game agenda and all the dates to watch for this month of April 2020. To discover on video or in writing in a express format, but effective!

Even if it is not hidden from you, it is much less a party than expected due to the delicate situation around the world. Here's what you shouldn't miss!

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Resident Evil 3 Remake (April 3)

Supports : PS4, Xbox One, PC

April 3, so this is the official release of Resident Evil 3 Remake on PS4, Xbox One and PC, although the game has been available since late March. You will also find our test on lemon squeezer. Get ready to return to the terrifying city of Raccoon City to face the Nemesis near the famous police station!

Final Fantasy VII Remake (April 10)

Supports : PS4

On April 10, 2020, it will be the comeback of Cloud and his band in the first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4. Prepare to find the city of Midgar and face a team of bioterrorists in this game which promises to be quite incredible. Some of you may even already have the chance to play the game, which was also sent early by Square Enix due to the health crisis.

MotoGP 20 (April 23)

Supports : PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

Motorcycle enthusiasts will be able to embark on a new career as a MotoGP rider on April 23 with the 2020 edition of the racing game, while the official MotoGP season has been postponed to an unknown date. The opportunity to fill our lack of mechanical sport now!

Trials Of Mana (April 24)

Supports : PS4, PC, Switch

On April 24, it will be the release of the long-awaited remake of Trials of Mana which will land on PC, PS4 and Switch. The HD remake of episode 3 released only in Japan and therefore known in Europe as Trials of Mana. A Japan-RPG game that offers from the start of the adventure to choose three characters and go on an epic adventure in search of the Mana sword, and save the Mana tree threatened by mysterious spirits.

Gears Tactics (April 28)

Supports : Xbox One, PC

Finally, on April 28, it will be the release of Gears Tactics, the next spin-in of the series and the universe of Gears of War. Microsoft is offering a different game this time with a tactical focus and a turn-based combat system. A gameplay system very different from the original games of the saga!

JV lemon squeezer events

BAFTA Games Awards 2020 (April 2)

BAFTA Games Awards 2020


In terms of meetings, this obviously becomes very complicated since most of the events in the world are either postponed or canceled. However, for video game enthusiasts you will have the pleasure of attending the famous BAFTA ceremony. In fact, this evening, April 2, 2020, the ceremony will still be broadcast in a different version in order to reward the best games of the year and give us a little moment of relaxation and entertainment in this rather delicate situation!

JV's Apéro (Every day)

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Rumors JV Lemon squeezer

In terms of rumors, again in this rather special period we can not list too many things to come. During the month of March, PlayStation finally communicated on the PS5, Nintendo made its very brief "mini-Nintendo Direct" and this month of April is likely to be fairly calm in terms of announcements and events. We will therefore thank you now and give you an appointment for the Agenda in early May, hoping for better days and good news to announce!