Rivian RT1

If you were expecting to discover an advertising clip or an ad full of technical elements concerning the R1T electric pickup from Rivian, you will be surprised.

In full containment, Rivian has just published three videos shot in 2019 and showcasing the R1T in the environment that the company considers most suitable for the philosophy of its future all-terrain electric vehicle.

The Rivian R1T, best supporting actor between ocean and mountain?

The first three-minute video, titled Climbing in Tahoe, stars Alex Honnold, solo climber, found in the documentary Free solo.

The video gives the floor to Alex Honnold who explains to us how to live very simply; the climber says that he has wanted to ride an electric vehicle for a long time, but that this was previously impossible for him, no vehicle being robust enough to ensure his usual movements.

Rivian thus shows the possible use of the Rivian R1T in camping mode, with a roof tent and a kitchen integrated in its trunk, which can be deployed at each stage.

The second video named Fly fishing in the Keys features Camille Egdorf and Lacey Kelly, specialists in fly fishing, on an excursion to Islamorada in Florida, and of course accompanied by the Rivian RT1.

Finally, the last video, the longest of the three, entitled The Lucky Ones was produced by a photographer from Hawaii, Jeff Johnson. Rivian suggests that we slow down here by telling us how Ben Moon survived cancer. The R1T is just part of the decor here.

Source: Electrek