So it was last April that GTA 6 officially made the talk. Alas, this is not via an announcement from Rockstar Games, but following information from the very knowledgeable Jason Schreier who confirmed that the game is in development and that it was even the next project of the star firm. Alas, still according to the journalist’s information, the game would not be ready to arrive.

Today, it is through the USPTO site (a site specializing in the filing of trademarks, games or even patents) that we discover a rather interesting document filed by Take Two Interactive (the parent company from Rockstar Games) on artificial intelligence in upcoming Rockstar games. Obviously, with GTA 6, Rockstar Games once again intends to mark the history of open-world games.

GTA 6: NPCs (non-playable characters) more realistic than ever?

As we know, Rockstar Games is the master when it comes to open-world video games. Since 2013, Grand Theft Auto V has been a huge success and if the game continues to perform well seven years after its release and despite multiple re-releases, it’s because the game was way ahead of its time. The adventures of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor really don’t have to be ashamed of the latest open-world games.

The same goes for Red Dead Redemption II which dates back to 2018 and remains to this day one of the most impressive open world games on PC and consoles. Obviously, Rockstar intends to keep its title for the next few years. In a patent filed by Take Two Interactive, we learn that Rockstar seems to be working on a new navigation system for NPCs (non-playable characters) in its future productions. We can see that this concerns Rockstar since David Hynd, CTO of Rockstar North and Simon Parr in charge of AI, at Rockstar are both behind this patent.

Rockstar patent GTA 6 PNJ


This patent therefore indicates that Rockstar seeks to improve artificial intelligence in order to allow crowds to perform more varied and more complex actions according to different patterns at any time in the game. Much like Red Dead Redemption II , it looks like GTA 6 NPCs can have a “real life” in the game. A schedule, a family, a job and more!

The patent also aims to improve the reaction of NPCs with the environment, such as their behavior vis-à-vis road traffic or other NPCs. Each inhabitant of the future city should therefore have occupations, reactions and other random behaviors, but consistent with the game universe.

This patent also concerns the AI ​​and the vehicles that will animate the map of the game. For example, allowing the AI ​​to drive at a more moderate speed when the NPC passes through a residential area. The idea of ​​the Rockstar engineers is also to create categories of characters with similar temperaments, but all the same different (several kinds of aggressive, fearful, passive characters…).

Thanks to this patent and its new technologies, Rockstar could relieve the consoles of numerous calculations and better exploit the powers of the latter to better optimize the game. This could thus make it possible to display much more details on the screen, to set up more scripts to make the game more complete, more lively and much more!