After knowing the prices with Vodafone and Orange, Movistar joins the list of operators that has included in its catalog of smartphones in installments the first folding mobile of Samsung, the Galaxy Fold.

Featured as we said for its flexible screen, the Samsung Galaxy Fold deployed reaches a total size of 7.3 inches in 4.2: 3 format and the first sensations to open it continuously are positive: it does not break, it does not disassemble or cease to be functional. Folded, we are facing a 4.6 inch screen in elongated 21: 9 format.

Of the rest of the features, we have a high-end manual, with Snapdragon 855 processor, 12 GB of RAM, 512 GB of internal storage not expandable, side fingerprint sensor, 4G up to 1.2 Gbps, NFC, stereo speakers, Dolby + AKG headphones and 4,380 mAh battery with fast charging 15W, wireless and reverse 9W.

In the cameras section, the main one consists of three sensors of up to 16 megapixels with variable aperture, wide angle and telephoto with two magnification optical zoom. For the selfies we will have two options: with the mobile deployed we find a double camera of 10 megapixels + 8 megapixels for the depth sensor; and with the mobile closed, the camera will be unique but also 10 megapixels.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is available with Movistar at a cost of 2,020 euros with single payment while in case of opting for payment in installments associating it with the different rates, the final cost of the telephone will be 2,377 euros, due to the commissions that the operator applies.

Then we leave you with all the details of what you will end up paying really taking into account VAT both in the initial payment and in the monthly payments that include the payment in installments of the terminal and the fee of the tariff for 36 installments although Movistar also allows to pay it in less higher installments.

Prices Samsung Galaxy Fold With Movistar Rates