Samsung has a plan to win the mid-range, and one of the ways to execute it is to differentiate itself from the rest of the rivals with technical characteristics that shine especially. Having a battery that lasts several days is one of them, and with the Samsung Galaxy M30S that we put today on our analysis table, this becomes possible.

More than 6,000 milliamps for your battery, triple camera and a rather peculiar and striking design are some of the tricks of this terminal, which comes to compete in a mid-range rather than disputed.

Samsung Galaxy M30S datasheet

Samsung Galaxy M30s


SuperAMOLED 6.4 "FullHD +

(2,340 x 1,080 px)


Exynos 9611

Quad 2.3GHz + Quad 1.7GHz




64GB + microSD (up to 512GB)


6,000 mAh

15W fast charge

Rear cameras

Main: 48MP, f / 2.0

Wide angle: 8MP, f / 2.2

Depth: 5MP, f / 2.0

Frontal camera

13MP, f / 2.0

Dimensions and weight

Thickness: 8.9mm

Weight: 188 g


Android 9 Pie

Samsung One UI


Dual SIM, Game Booster technology, 3.5 mm jack, rear fingerprint reader, USB-C


219 euros

Samsung Galaxy M30s - 6.4 Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy M30s – 6.4 "Smartphone (Dual SIM, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB memory) blue (Spanish version, Amazon Exclusive)

Design: Samsung's mid-range dresses in colors

Img 5463

The Samsung Galaxy M30S attracts attention from its back, finished in plastic, but in a striking blue gradient color in our unit, topped with a "glitter" effect that, whether you like it or not, but attracts attention from farliterally. The terminal feels good in hand, it is comfortable and ergonomic, although somewhat slippery. Despite being plastic, it is a magnet of footprints. Of course, during the days we have tried it, we have not seen a trace of scratches.

The Samsung Galaxy M30S, despite having a gigantic battery, is below 9mm and 190 grams in weight

At the level of compaction the exercise is more than correct, with two main points to highlight. First, that the thickness of the terminal is below 9mm, despite the gigantic battery inside. Similarly, highlight the weight of the device, which is 188 grams, quite achieved, again, taking into account the size of the battery module.

Img 5465

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy M30S is 6.38 inches, with Full HD + resolution and Super AMOLED technology. The inclusion of this technology is appreciated, knowing that IPS is more democratized in this type of terminals. The color representation is more than correct, although the viewing angles and maximum brightness, above all, are improvable. In this last section we find little more than 400 nits of brightness, something that we suffer when we go out in the sun.

Img 5457 The lower chin is somewhat larger than we would like.

The panel also has a small drop-shaped notch, which allows, according to GSMarena, take advantage of the panel by 84.2%. The figure is more than correct considering the range in which the device is framed, although a somewhat smaller chin would have been the icing on the design cake.

Img 5464 Yes, we have a headphone jack even though the battery is 6,000mAh. To

Sound is one of the weak points of this Samsung Galaxy M30S. Serious lack, volume and some more nuance and clarity of the audio in general. It is enough to find out about calls and notifications, but you don't enjoy playing multimedia content too much. Yes, the inclusion of the headphone jack is more than welcome, especially considering that, in mobiles with large battery, it is common to dispense with this audio input.

Enough performance for day to day, although with some shadows

Img 5447

The Samsung Galaxy M30S has a clear description for its performance: enough for day to day, insufficient when the requirement is somewhat higher. In basic tasks such as using social networks, mail or web browsing, the M30S moves with some ease. Even with basic games it has no problems. The issue is complicated when we demand you with more powerful games (even in low graphics configurations) or when we try to switch to several applications in multitasking.

The terminal suffers somewhat more than we expected moving relatively heavy games, even in low graphics settings

The Exynos of the M30S does not move very well as popular deliveries as Call Of Duty: Mobile or PUBG Mobile, although we configure the game in the lower graphics. The lack of fluidity and a certain lag appear in these situations, something that does not become dramatic, but that is increasingly atypical in the mid-range.








Snapdragon 665

Snapdragon 660

Kirin 710

Exynos 9610



















At the biometrics level, the Samsung Galaxy M30S has a fingerprint reader that, although it works fast, is located too high, in addition to having a fairly small surface. In our week of use we have not been able to get used to its position and size, since we barely arrived with the index finger and, when we do it, we don't occupy all the necessary surface to unlock the phone.

Despite having a rear fingerprint reader available, we have found ourselves more comfortable with facial recognition, fast and customizable

To replace this, we found a facial recognition through the camera that, while not the safest alternative, yes it is faster and more comfortable than the fingerprint reader. We also liked being able to configure the operation of this recognition. We can display the unlock screen and swipe to access the phone, or have it unlock by skipping the unlock screen.

Samsung software

One UI does not hide surprises at this point. It comes quite loaded with bloatware, although much of it can be uninstalled. At the performance level it may not be the most agile layer, but it does quite useful features for the average users, making it not necessary to resort to third-party applications to perform actions such as file management, editing them, tasks related to notes, file sharing, etc. The terminal is updated to Android 9.0 Pie, with the security patch of the month of August.

Drums The screen hours data of the M30S is spectacular. We don't even play intensively, we achieve drop peaks. The graph is flat.

We reach autonomy, where we will be clear and concise: The Galaxy M30S has the best battery in the entire mid-range we've tested so far. We can achieve without any problem the three days of use with about ten hours of screen, and if we abuse the multimedia without stopping for a day, we can go from the 15 hours of screen. Simply spectacular figures given by a 6,050mAh battery.

A triple camera that gradually improves

Img 5460

Samsung does not usually surprise us with the results of its range of input or media at the photographic level, although we already do the spoiler that there are certain points in this M30S that have surprised us for good. The terminal uses a triple camera, with a main sensor of 48 megapixels, a wide angle of 8, and a depth sensor of 5 megapixels, but let's talk first about the camera application.

Camera App

This is the application that we find in the rest of the Galaxy family terminals, with an addition that we do not find in the whole family. We can save the images in HEIF format, a file that occupies less space than the classic JPEG, and that retains quality. It is deactivated, but we recommend giving it a try. Otherwise, at the level of functionality, the application is complete, allows portrait, night, panoramic, and touch some adjustments manually such as ISO, white balance or exposure.

Day Photo If the light conditions accompany, the results are acceptable.

As for the results, the M30S behaves decently during the day. You have certain problems with the HDR in backlight conditions and shoot something slow. However, the interpretation of the color is correct for its range, as well as the contrast levels, although we lack an extra sharpness.

Night Photo At night, if there is any light source, the M30S maintains the above-expected rate.

When night falls, the results get worse. However, the M30S keeps quite the type, keeping detail and managing the highlights well. Undoubtedly, this is one of the points where it has surprised us most, not so much for being the best in its price range, but for achieving quite usable photos.

Portrait The portrait is one of the strengths of the M30S

Where the M30S shines at the photographic level is in portrait mode. The clipping is correct., the skins are not washed as much as in previous generations and, in general, the results are surprisingly good. The amount of bokeh and its type can be regulated, although we recommend leaving it as is, since it does not blur excessively and the results are quite natural.

Wide angle

Finally, it's time to talk about the wide angle of the Samsung Galaxy M30S. It offers good results during the day (at night it is better not to use it because of the low amount of light it collects), noting that The calibration is very similar to the photos of the main sensor.

Samsung Galaxy M30S: Xataka Mobile's opinion

Img 5462

The Samsung Galaxy M30S wants to win the mid-range battery-based, a key point to differentiate itself from its rivals. In addition to this, boasts Super AMOLED panel, a triple camera that behaves decently, and a rather striking design that, like it or not, makes it easily recognizable.

The M30S boasts design, display and battery, although its performance is below most of its direct rivals

Despite these benefits, the performance of the Samsung Galaxy M30S is below most of its direct rivals. We talk about a sufficient mid-range for day to day, but that suffers more from the account when the requirement is somewhat higher. Currently, a mobile of more than 250 euros should be able to move virtually any game in the medium configuration, especially with such a generous battery, which invites us to use the phone for hours and hours.








In favor

  • The design is quite striking
  • The portrait mode is one of the best in its range
  • Autonomy is superlative.


  • Performance is somewhat poor when required
  • The audio quality is quite improvable
  • One UI still needs a face lift to perform better

Samsung Galaxy M30s - 6.4 Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy M30s – 6.4 "Smartphone (Dual SIM, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB memory) blue (Spanish version, Amazon Exclusive)

The terminal has been assigned for the test by Samsung. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises.