It seems like years have passed since Samsung decided to give a new turn to its catalog of midlines, but the truth is that everything was quite recent. The Samsung Galaxy J disappeared and were embedded in a Samsung Galaxy A that doubled its name, while the Galaxy M also appeared to occupy the intermediate space.

Now the Samsung Galaxy A face what would be its third generation in practically a year and a half, with the models of the S line that sneaked in mid-function. And the last leak indicates that the Koreans prepare a jump for the squires of their high ranges: 128GB memories for all of them.

128GB starting from the Samsung Galaxy A11

The latest leak related to the Samsung ecosystem that tells us about this, a quantum leap in terms of the base memory of Samsung A series models for the next generation. Specifically, three of its models are mentioned: Samsung Galaxy A11, Galaxy A31 and Galaxy A41. Observing who starts the row, we deduce that the jump in memory will occur in all its models.

Previous leaks already talked about other models of this series A such as Samsung Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71 or Galaxy A81. The first two would have the camera integrated into the screen thanks to a perforated panel while the third would be a kind of reconversion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, which would make it arrive with an integrated S Pen thus becoming the first non-model Note on having it.

The leaks "confirm" the names of almost the whole family, from Galaxy A11 to Galaxy 81

There are no confirmed release dates for any of the models but since the Samsung Galaxy A51 would be the first of them, and would not arrive before 2020, We assume that the entire line will be presented by next year. Meanwhile, we believe we know that the Galaxy A51 will have 6.5 inches, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of base storage.

And like him, probably all the phones on a line A that would be preparing for leave behind the 64GB of top in its most basic models and take a leap forward. With Samsung as manufacturer of these same memories, it is logical that they take some advantage to their rivals although we will see how the catalog of medium ranges of the market is configured in 2020.

Via | MySmartPrice