Samsung has been reorganizing its Galaxy A family for quite some time, which it has endowed with not a few terminals that it is renewing every little time. The disappearance of the J series facilitated the A to absorb a large number of models, and it seems that we have another one on the way, one that will be even more basic than the Galaxy A10 and should become the model, in order, that starts the family.

The Samsung Galaxy A10, which for now receives the name of SM-105F, has appeared timidly on some previous occasion, but has now passed through the FCC, a sign that it meets the latest requirements for its sale. A phone from which some features have been leaked and that we can already build, at least in its basic framework.

The most basic Galaxy A, born with last name 1

Galaxy A01

They count the previous leaks that this Samsung Galaxy A01, or SM-105F, would arrive with a screen of 5.7 inches with a resolution that is unknown for now, but it could be HD + watching the screen of the Galaxy A10, which would be superior in features to the A01. The phone would have a SIM although there would be another model in motion, the SM-A015F / DS with two SIM cards also on the way.

As for the processor, it is known that it will be a Qualcomm model with eight cores running at 2.02GHz, but the exact model is unknown. The Galaxy A01 would also have 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage, and in principle with a tray for an additional microSD. The battery would be 3,000 mAh and the leaks have not mentioned any type of fast charge for it.

The most basic model of line A would arrive with the last name 1 adopted by the second generations

This Galaxy A01 would also have a double rear camera, resolution still unknown, and with a single front camera, and would arrive with Android 10, we assume that under the OneUI 2.0 we have already seen in some updates of family models. In addition, we would have 3.5 mm jack so it is not ruled out that it also arrives with FM radio.

As we said, the phone has already passed through the FCC so the launch must be little more than imminent. It should not reach 2020, seeing the deadlines of previous models. So it is only time to wait for the Korean manufacturer to make official the one that would become the most modest and basic model of his increasingly populated Galaxy A family. Interestingly, he would already become the Galaxy A01 without fulfilling the step of his brothers previous, although maybe Samsung wanted to avoid calling it Galaxy A0.

Via | SamMobile