A streaming service at Samsung?

It has been a few years now that video games can also be played thanks to the magic of streaming. Players can for example take advantage of the PlayStation NOW service (on PS4 and PC), without forgetting of course a certain Google Stadia, launched at the end of last year. At Samsung, we were preparing a certain PlayGalaxy Link, whose vocation was to stream PC games on a smartphone.

" Was"Because Samsung's PlayGalaxy Link service will never see the light of day. The Korean giant has indeed posted on the official website of the application a short message, confirming the outright termination of PlayGalaxy Link … even before its public availability. Indeed, the service has still not left its beta phase, and will therefore never leave it.

Project xCloud in sight?

The Samsung team says: " Thank you for playing and supporting PlayGalaxy Link throughout the beta period. The PlayGalaxy Link team hereby informs you of the end of the service on 03/27/2020. After many difficult discussions, PlayGalaxy Link will end on March 27, 2020 due to internal policy changes ». This will allow the development team to focus on other upcoming services.

The explanations provided by Samsung are relatively vague, but we know that the Korean giant is collaborating very actively with a certain Microsoft for the development of Project xCloud, which will arrive soon.

It therefore seems logical for Samsung to avoid mobilizing its troops on two relatively similar projects, and to focus on one and the same objective. Added to this is the fact that Microsoft’s Project xCloud is much more likely to be a real hit with players than the PlayGalaxy Link.