Seagate Expansion Cards for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were announced in September 2020 right after the launch of pre-orders. A real cold shower for players with very high prices displayed. Indeed, the cards were offered at a price of € 269.99 with only a 1TB card model.

With this expansion, it is possible to expand the storage capacity of consoles by an additional 1TB, which offered nearly 1.8TB of free space for Xbox Series Xs and around 1.3TB of free space for Xbox Series S. But now, with this price, the players who have chosen the Series X end up with a total bill of 769.99 €. While players on Series S are left with a note at € 569.99. A shame when we saw that the Seagate card was almost as expensive as the console itself.

Real price abuse? Or business failure? Less than a month after the release of the two machines, Seagate is already lowering the price of the cards to make them (a little) more accessible.

Buy Seagate 1TB Card for Xbox Series X / S

A first reduction of 20 € on Seagate expansions for Xbox Series X / S

Seagate Xbox Series X / S Extensions

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This is the only way to expand the storage of your consoles. These official cards will be the only possibilities to properly expand the SSD storage of your Xbox Series X or your Xbox Series S and they are at a high price. In front of the rumors of the players, Microsoft and Seagate make “an effort” and lower the prices of 20 € to propose the extension from 1TB to 249.99 €.

A price that is already applied and available at major resellers or even on the Microsoft Store. However, we hope that other price cuts will be planned in the coming weeks or that a second 500GB model will be offered to make this purchase more affordable.

In the meantime, you can always expand the capacity of your consoles via an external USB hard drive to install your old Xbox, Xbox 360 or Xbox One games. But there is a risk that in-game performance may be less efficient than using the SSD or those Seagate cards.

Buy Seagate 1TB Card for Xbox Series X / S