At the end of 2016, Nintendo launched its NES Classic Mini, a miniature and modern replica of the 8-bit console from our childhood. A console which then carried thirty preinstalled games, and which will be followed the following year by the Super Nintendo Classic Mini, which includes a total of 21 games.

Will the Nintendo 64 Mini see the light of day?

Obviously, gamers around the world were impatiently awaiting the continuation of the collection, with the Nintendo 64 Mini in 2018, followed by the Game Boy Mini the following year… However, Nintendo no longer offered any “Mini” console after the replica of the Super Nintendo. At the end of 2020, the Japanese giant launched a “news”Game & Watch, limited edition Super Mario Bros.

A Super NES Mini will arrive in France on September 29

In 2021, some players still hope to be able to purchase a Nintendo 64 Mini at the end of the year. However, it seems that the operation is much more delicate for Nintendo. Indeed, in addition to having to then offer a replica of the (terrible) Nintendo 64 controller, the Japanese group comes up against other problems here.

Concerns about the games

Obviously, Nintendo could quite offer a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini, with around twenty house hits, including the two Zelda, Super Mario 64, StarFox 64, F-Zero 64, Yoshi’s Story, Pokémon Stadium, Super Smash Bros, Paper Mario… However, the line-up could quickly pose a problem concerning essential titles like Perfect Dark or GoldenEye 007, signed Rare (now at Microsoft).

Nintendo 64 sheet

In the same way, Nintendo could not today integrate certain titles, however iconic, within its Nintendo 64 Mini. Indeed, it is quite unthinkable today to see Nintendo offer a console with Conker’s Bad Fur Day or Turok, yet two monuments of the console.

Concerns also for the eyes

Moreover, if the 8 and 16-bit games have aged rather very well, we have to admit that relaunching a Nintendo 64 game today (and already a little at the time) is a real ordeal for the eyes. We are then at the end of the 90s, in the beginnings of 3D, and many games are proving quite terrible today for the retina, including the revolutionary Super Mario 64, included in the Super Mario 3D All Star compilation.

To this is added a game design and a camera game that would probably no longer pass with many players in 2021 …

Of course, it is not impossible to see a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini land one day but, a bit like it was the case for the PlayStation Classic, it would take the risk of torpedoing certain memories in the players on the one hand, but also (and above all!) to offer a console that would inevitably lack some essential hits.

Not to mention the fact that the Nintendo Switch Online could quite host some N64 games, as it already hosts many NES and Super Nintendo games …