Final Fantasy VII, the Remake version return!

After having declined its emblematic RPG on almost all consoles and terminals available on the market in recent years, Square-Enix finally agrees, in this month of April 2020, to launch the " true »Remake of Final Fantasy VII. An overhaul, incomplete for the moment, of the game launched in 1997 on PlayStation, since this Remake focuses only on the Midgar part.

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Indeed, as it stands, Final Fantasy VII Remake represents only a (small) part of the original game. Of course, the developers of Square-Enix took care to broaden the game very widely, with new portions, cult sequences completely revisited, or characters much more worked. So, to immediately answer the problem concerning the lifespan of this remake, this is a " true »Game, which will take around 30 hours to complete.

FFVII Remake Test

Concretely, Final Fantasy VII Remake obviously (re) places us in the shoes of Cloud Strife, an ex-SOLDIER who will join the Avalanche gang, in an attempt to destabilize Shinra society. We find there cult characters like Barret, Aerith, Tifa or Jessie, some of which are very nicely highlighted in this remake.

We obviously (re) live cult sequences from a whole new angle, now with a completely free camera, which finally allows us to fully appreciate the immensity of Midgar. On this subject, technically, this Final Fantasy VII Remake is a sacred technical performance, with decorations of a rather staggering beauty. Ditto on the side of special effects, with ultra-dynamic fights, sublimated by a myriad of sparks, flames, electric effects … In short, strongly Photo mode!

Technically impressive, but …

However, if the technical section is overall impressive, the most discerning eyes will quickly notice some very nasty textures, or even decorations which are certainly very successful, but sadly static, which lack a bit of life. Ditto for general progress, with a majority of corridors to follow, and too bad for the concept of freedom. Likewise, we quickly see that certain sequences have been very (too) widely stretched, even if it means being quite uninteresting and repetitive.

FFVII Remake Test

This Final Fantasy VII Remake is divided into about twenty chapters, and if, like the recent Resident Evil 3, the start-up is just exceptional, the game then oscillates between real moments of bravery and emotion , and some sequences of much more questionable interest. We can not escape from some irrelevant side quests, or even from really gnagnan (even downright annoying) script sequences.

During the majority of the adventure, the RPG side is put aside a little, to make way for a very scripted, very linear, very scripted game, but that does not prevent (most of the time) from having a real pleasure to revisit Midgar in its brand new form. Certain districts are thus very impressive (the Wall Market in particular), when other sequences (the pursuit on motorcycles) are a little less successful.

FFVII Remake Test

An example of a (well) failed texture

Special mention, however, in the audio section, with superbly reworked themes, even if some music is absent here. If the French version is correct, it is still advisable to favor dialogues in English or Japanese, despite French subtitles completely picked up.

Very dynamic fights, and too bad for the "RPG" side

On the fighting side, exit the turn-by-turn characteristic of the PlayStation opus, and here gives way to a more dynamic gameplay, with however a few subtleties via the ATB gauge, which allows you to freeze the action to cast a spell or trigger a skill special. The whole thing seems a bit messy at the start, but we are getting used to this game system very quickly, and we are constantly looking forward to taking part in a new fight.

FFVII Remake Test

The harvest of XP, PC and other AP is not very clear at first sight, and it will be necessary to delve a little into the options of the game to understand everything about the evolution of the characters, but also of the weapons or even different materials. Which is quite paradoxical, moreover, because for everything else, we still have a little this impression of being constantly held by the hand, of being constantly assisted, of being perpetually guided from point A to a point B, and we would have appreciated a little more freedom to tell the truth.

FFVII Remake Test

Far from being devoid of faults, Final Fantasy VII Remake therefore constitutes a very successful re-reading of the Midgar chapter. The bet was very (very) risky for Square-Enix, and despite some obvious weaknesses, it was impossible to deny the impressive mastery of the Japanese studio.

A case to follow?

However flamboyant, this Final Fantasy VII Remake remains the first episode of a complete overhaul of the famous RPG. Square-Enix has not yet specified the number of episodes that will be offered to players, much less any launch window for the second chapter.

Suffice to say that the cutting strategy adopted by Square-Enix has something to surprise, even frighten some, since nobody really knows how the next episodes, which will be spread over several years, will fit together. Will we be able to transfer the backup? Will the following episodes be exclusive to PS5? How many episodes will there be? … So many gray areas that we would like to be cleared up as quickly as possible.

My opinion about Final Fantasy VII Remake

Obviously, everything is not perfect in this Final Fantasy VII Remake. In addition to some technical shortcomings, there are very long sequences and other portions of the game old-school, but difficult not to take real pleasure in discovering Midgar in this brand new form. The characters have gained in consistency, most of the environments are stunningly beautiful, the combat system is very dynamic and we play the game hours without even noticing. A pure success therefore, that we warmly advise you to test (a demo is available on the PS Store), even if you were not a fan of the original game. However, we hope that Square-Enix will quickly be able to clarify " after Final Fantasy VII Remake"Because it is still very vague at the moment …

Final Fantasy VII Remake


FFVII Remake Test

WE love

  • Visually stunning!
  • Script, staging, music …
  • Dynamic battles
  • The very worked characters
  • Lifetime

We like less

  • Despite some technical hiccups …
  • Long and useless sequences
  • No freedom (or almost)
  • The RPG side put aside
  • Some somewhat "old-fashioned" aspects