citigoe iV

In 2012, Skoda launched its small city car, the Citigo. Nine years later, the brand announced the declination of the thermal model in electric, giving it the name of Citigo e iV. Skoda has finally revealed the price of its model and has arguments of weight to convert to the electric.

With its base price, the Citigo e iV becomes the cheapest car on the market. The Czech brand seems nevertheless to want to go even further by relying on various bonuses, until proposing a model for less than 6,000 euros depending on the region.

A small city dweller who has everything

Available in France from € 21,600, including battery, the Citigo e iV is already the cheapest vehicle in its class. Its price is indeed lower than that of the Renault ZOE, electric model for now the best-selling in France at the price of € 23,900 without the battery.

Introduced in May of this year, the Citigo e iV has nothing to envy to most models released recently. With its 83 hp and 36.8 kW lithium battery, this reissue of the Citigo easily achieves the city journeys for which it is made. With an announced range of 265 km thanks to the new WLTP cycle, this zero emission vehicle can be recharged to 80% in one hour on the fast charging stations, provided that the "Style" version is available. available at a price of € 22,870 with accessories.

An unbeatable price

By announcing the price of its Citigo e iV, Skoda has also decided to give the figures achievable by its city after applying the reductions due to the various bonuses available in France. The Citigo e iV could thus descend to a record price of € 5,870 in its "Style" version. How? 'Or' What ? By filling a lot of papers!

In addition to the € 6,000 ecological bonus, included in the sale of all new electric vehicles, it is possible to deduct another € 2,500 of scrapping premium if the buyer has a vehicle dating from before 1997. This premium can also be doubled for the most modest households.

So for the moment we are seeing a price drop of € 11,000, bringing the price of the Citigo iEV "Style" to € 11,870. To complete the bonuses, and thus arrive at the famous € 5,870 announced by the brand, it will then rely on independent aid specific to each region. For its example, the Czech brand has relied on the Greater Paris region which offers a premium of 6,000 €.

The final price announced by Skoda is therefore subject to many conditions, and interested parties should inquire with their region to know the aid they can claim.

Source: Caradisiac