A smartphone on the screen only black and white – Geeko

Inspired by the Yotaphone, a smartphone that had the particularity of being equipped with a second black and white e-ink screen integrated into its shell, the HiSense A5, presented a few days ago, is the first smartphone equipped only an e-ink slab.

Popularized by reading lights, this screen technology has the particularity of only displaying monochrome images. Exit the color, but also the high refresh rate of the image.

The Chinese company behind this atypical product ensures: its smartphone does not target the general public but more users wanting to disconnect and having a light use of the smartphone. While it can be used to read eBooks, send emails and view photos, the HiSense smartphone will not be able to run mobile games and video streaming applications.

A long battery life

In addition to offering a rehab to its owner, the device will also offer unparalleled comfort of use for reading and unbeatable battery life. The manufacturer claims to have managed to increase the autonomy of its smartphone to more than 10 days from a color screen to a monochrome screen. Because the other great feature of e-ink technology is of course the fact that it is very energy efficient. As such, the HiSense 5 could position itself as a very good smartphone back-up, especially since its price is very affordable. It will therefore cost a little more than 150 euros to purchase.

A smartphone on the screen only black and white
A smartphone on the screen only black and white – Geeko

At this price, buyers will of course not be entitled to the latest innovations. The device has a very ordinary datasheet, with a screen of 5.84 "HD (1440 × 720), a processor Snapdragon 435, 4 GB of RAM and 32 to 64 GB of storage space. The smartphone is already available in China.