RED buries its holographic smartphone project – Geeko

At the end of 2018, the firm Red (known for its movie cameras) was selling its first
smarpthone, Hydrogen One, after several years of development and some postponements. On paper, the device promised to revolutionize the mobile phone thanks to its modular operation, a 3D technology "4 View", its holographic screen and an outstanding camera.

Despite its ambitions, the manufacturer had suffered the wrath of the press and the total indifference of consumers: the screen did not meet expectations, the photo sensors were mediocre and promised accessories have never seen the light of day. Following such a setback, Jim Jannard, CEO of Red, announced in March a restructuring of the Hydrogen project, as well as the development of a version of the One with a "professional" camera.

In July, Jannard blamed the Chinese subcontractor of the American brand for its misadventures, which, unfortunately, continue today. In a message posted on his blog, the 70-year-old says he has health problems and prefers to retire. Jannard had been running the company since 1999, when it was founded. While this does not change the rest of the firm's business, he claims to halt the Hydrogen project in its entirety – only the technical support service remains active for its users.

Red do not forget the owners of One

If Red stops production of the Hydrogen One smartphone, its users do not have to worry about it. The company will continue to deploy security updates on its one and only smartphone.

The manufacturer has also announced the development of Komodo 6K, its next camera. The latter should work with the One.