Samsung unveils its new Galaxy Fold – Geeko

With a little advance on the agenda, Samsung has just unveiled its new foldable smartphone, which almost identical to the design and technical specifications of its eldest, the
Galaxy Fold.

The manufacturer has made some adjustments to make this model more functional. The rounded edges of the Galaxy Fold give way here to flat edges, whose manufacturing process is much simpler.

Side technical sheet, Samsung also updates the performance of the smartphone, now equipped with a Snapdragon 855 + processor and comes with 12 GB of RAM.

The device retains its very large screen – which reaches a size of 7.3 "once unfolded – to which must be added a second screen of 4.6 inches, which will be mainly used for viewing notifications.

Strangely enough, the successor to the Galaxy Fold has a capacity battery a bit lower than its predecessor, since the Fold's 4380 mAh battery is replaced by a 4235 mAh battery. However, it is likely that the user feels no difference through better optimization of the device.

Increased connectivity

The big news is mainly the connectivity of the device, which goes to 5G. The buyer will not have the choice of the version: only the 5G will be proposed.

For now, no release date in the West. The W20 5G will be marketed in China in December and is expected to expand its availability to other markets in the future.

Paradoxically, the name of the device seems to have changed. Samsung does not mention the name Galaxy Fold anymore. It is possible that the many setbacks encountered by the brand with the first model, whose marketing had been postponed several times, pushed him to rebrand the device.