Twitter It has been incorporating numerous innovations during the last months in order to maintain the users that use the application and also gain new ones; Without neglecting the concern for privacy and harassment, two serious problems that lurk all social networks. And one of the news announced was the option to hide the responses to the tweets, something we expected to have soon in our Timelines. And today is the day.

This option is important because in this way anyone can hide nasty answers to the communications you have posted on Twitter. Since anyone can make a "reply" or answer, why not get out of the overview those annoying tweets that usually sneak into all public conversations? This is the goal of the new Twitter, a feature that has begun to be distributed on the web and also in mobile applications.

Hide annoying responses from your tweets from the app

Twitter has announced the novelty and its availability: it reaches everyone today and all applications, including the web. Although, as is often the case in these deployments, it has not yet landed in all accounts; even if the menu of read the hidden answers in the tweets.

The idea is that anyone can hide the answers they want from their own tweets. This does not mean that they are removed, just stay away from the general view. And anyone can see them if they choose to show hidden tweets, they don't disappear completely from the Timeline.

Hiding an answer does not mean that other tweets can be deleted, they just disappear from the overview

To hide the tweets you want you just need to do the following:

  • Access the list of responses of a tweet you have published. You can only hide the replies to your own tweets.
  • Click on the upper right menu of the specific answer and click on "Hide answers to this tweet".
  • Hide the answer and that reply will disappear from everyone's view.
  • You can undo the action at any time.
  • In case you want to read the hidden answers of any tweet, just click on the menu of the tweet (upper right corner) and click on "See hidden answers". In the event that the author has not hidden any, the message "This tweet has no hidden answers" will appear.
Twitter Tweets Hidden This is how you can see hidden tweets

If you still don't have the option to hide tweets you still have to wait a few hours: deployment is in process. Yes, you will be able to show hidden tweets: the function is already active in the Twitter apps for Android and iOS.



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