WhatsApp: The message delete function does not always work – Geeko

Attention, security alert. The flaw identified by Facebook would be based on how the WhatsApp messaging application parses the metadata of the MP4 file stream, as stated by
our colleagues from ZDNet. By exploiting this vulnerability, hackers could leak the contents of encrypted conversations, but also files stored on the internal memory of the phone, via denial of service attacks or by running code remotely.

The problem concerns both the Android version and iOS application
WhatsApp. The
hackers would only need the phone number of their victim to infiltrate their conversations. Then, they just need to send an MP4 file on WhatsApp to the number of their victim and you're done. Once entered, hackers can also install any virus.

The update is recommended

The vulnerability concerns older versions of WhatsApp, earlier than 2.19.274 on Android and 2.19.100 on iOS. If you have a version earlier than these, it is strongly recommended to update your application.

A spokesman for WhatsApp's parent company said no exploitation of the loophole has so far been reported. "We publish public reports on potential issues that we have resolved in accordance with industry best practices. In this case, there is no reason to believe that users have been affected, "he said. A message that is, in any case, particularly reassuring.