Announced at least September 2020 when it was time to unveil the release date and price of the PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition, the PS Plus Collection was a nice gift from Sony allowing PS5 gamers to enjoy some 20 of the best games in the world. PS4 for free via backward compatibility and their PS Plus subscription.

The concept is simple, if you are subscribed to PS Plus, you will be able to benefit from the two PS4 games and the two PS5 games offered every month, but also about twenty of the best hits of the PS4. The problem ? This is because this offer is for a limited time and will only apply to PS5 players who will add the games to their library before the end of this operation.

With the problems of stocks, many players will therefore not be able to access them and some clever people wanted to do business on this principle. The latter put the 20 games in the PS Plus collection up for sale on online sites before seeing their accounts banned by Sony.

The PS Plus gang

An account banned for PS5 players, a two-month suspension for PS4 players, this is the result of this operation. In Malaysia, a PS5 player even had to pay $ 8 per game illegally resold to his “customers”. But how did it all happen?

It’s very simple. Not being able to take advantage of the PS Plus Collection offer on PS5, some clever people offered access to their account (via the account sharing system) to allow PS4 players to play around twenty games for free.

PS Plus Collection PS5 Sale

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Seeing a rather suspicious number of connections on this same PS Plus account, Sony was able to become aware of the sharing system fraudulently. Thus, the owners of the PS5 accounts had their account banned. While the PS4 players who took advantage of this trick have all seen their accounts suspended for two months.

It is important to remember that account sharing is only possible with a friend or family members on the same console. Thus, lending an account (without necessarily reselling it) is also considered an unauthorized exploitation of the system.