The situation around stocks of next-gen consoles is still delicate. Today, it’s quite difficult to get your hands on a PS5. Whether in store or at online resellers, the few rare copies present do not last long. According to Intel, this shortage should last several years. On the Sony side, the firm has already hinted that even with the best will, it could not meet the demand before 2022.

Ironically, the PlayStation branch has just announced during a general meeting with shareholders that forecasts and ambitions will be drastically revised upwards from the year 2022 …

Over 22 million PS5s in 2022

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Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony Corporation, confirmed during the general meeting with shareholders that PlayStation intends to break the record of 22.6 million PlayStation distributed in fiscal year 1998.

To break this historic record, Sony will step up supply of PS5s over the next fiscal year (which begins April 1, 2022). The Japanese giant also wants to break a second record with the record of consoles distributed in its second year. For that, it will be necessary that PlayStation manages to distribute more than 14.8 million PS5.

If Sony succeeds in achieving both of these goals, the PS5 will shatter both PSOne and PS4 records and will be well on its way to catching up with them in terms of total sales in a few years. With 102.4 million consoles sold, the first PlayStation is fifth in the ranking of the best-selling video game consoles in history.

With 115.9 million, the PS4 is fourth just behind Nintendo’s 118.6 million Game Boy Color. Alone in the lead, the PlayStation 2 peaks at 155 million copies sold, ahead of the Nintendo DS and its 154 million. Will the PS5 manage to reach the top 5 and exceed the symbolic 100 million mark?

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